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Keeping Positive

Hello beautiful and sexylicious people,

Every day I have a habit I do with the Internet.  I post a motivational message out to the Universe  that reminds me to be human in the form of peppy-self-talk to get the day motivated.  Since then, I have learned that these daily motivational messages have inspired and even saved a few people from really bad situations.  I take what I post serious because I grew up with a negative person who should have been inspirational but was not.  It actually caused me to rebel against negativity and know that even through darkness, there is light.

You will find that you can gravitate towards negative people if you’re a helper and that’s a fault I have – if I don’t catch it fast enough, I find they can drain my energy very fast.  You have to remove those people or you will start to sound like them.  You might like them, but they are toxic for you.  Let me put it this way, if you see a bottle of bleach on the counter, do you pick it up and drink it?  No, of course not.  It’s toxic and will kill you.  The same goes for toxic people.  Negativity kills.  Releasing them means to release yourself from their bondage.  Wish them well on their own adventures but you have yours to look forward to…with a positive attitude.

Well anyhow, I thought I would just take some of the messages from Facebook and add them here. Some are funny, goofy, film related or just in general.  If they inspire you to be a better person – beautiful.  I know they keep me in check.


Gina Lockhart
Philosophia Studios

HellooooOooOooOooo beautiful and sexylicious Facebook friends! Be good to yourself and turn unhappy situations into humor. Humor has a way of allowing you to be creative, healing and forgiving. Enjoy your day!
Have a great day – put on some music, a smile, clothes, and some sassitude. Let’s all take a moment today and be grateful that spiders can’t fly. Cheers
The second you lament over it being Monday – kick that thought in the neck and take charge! It’s YOUR day to get things started right for YOU. It’s not for your boss, it’s not for others, it’s not for anything else. Getting things started right for YOU benefits others. Prioritize your tasks, projects and reward yourself at the end of the day. Think positive, be beautiful – because you are! Cheers.
HellooooOooOooOooo beautiful and sexylicious Facebook friends! Be good to yourself and turn unhappy situations into humor. Humor has a way of allowing you to be creative, healing and forgiving. Enjoy your day!
Have a great day – put on some music, a smile, clothes, and some sassitude. Let’s all take a moment today and be grateful that spiders can’t fly. Cheers!
This has been an amazing week and I’m filled with gratitude!!! I want to thank those who gave me some feedback for the film posters. You rock!
No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. Bam! Now have a great day!!
Let no one and nothing ruin your day. CARPE DIEM!!!
MONDAY IS HERE!! Don’t forget to have a little more coffee since it is more coffee Monday. Focus on you, your loved ones, friends and then then beyond. Be good to you. Now – get motivated and rip this week up for you to own it!
Be beautiful. Because you are. Each and every one of you.
Now – have a fantastic Friday and let it make for a great weekend! Cheers!
Oh and another very point blank tip of the day and specifically to those in the entertainment industry:
Fuck what others think of you.
Fuck what others are doing.
Fuck the ‘in crowd’ because I’ve seen amazing work come from outcasts.
Go forth and work on your career with higher expectations and goals!
Honestly….. I don’t care what a film is shot with. If you don’t have a story, good actors, and lighting – it’s over with and the targeted audience (non filmmakers) won’t give two dumps what it was shot with. ~~Gina Lockhart
So very many things in life are worth the wait. Never give up with your belief that things can change, someone amazing will come along, that your (dreams to) goals can happen.
In life, you will always find that some people get ahead who don’t deserve it. You don’t know how they got there and why due to lack of skills….but they did. This happens all over the place – it could even be your own boss that you’re thinking of as you work away right now (snicker – on Facebook). Remind yourself that it’s not about you trying harder or that there is something wrong with you.
This topic could get really deep but I’m trying to encourage you all in a short status. So, the moral is this – maybe you’re limiting yourself and that isn’t the only place to work. Sometimes we confine ourselves to our simple worlds and we don’t look out there to see that there is a whole lot more than just the world we confine ourselves in. Release yourself. Fly.
Holy awesomesauce!! You’re all amazing and beautiful people. Why? Because you all have different thoughts, feelings, views, beliefs, religions and you manage to get along. Why? Because you are child-like and not grown up stuffy jerks. When you become a complete jerk and don’t allow someone else to have a view and call the other person names, it’s you that needs to un-grow up. Have a beautiful day!!
What is on my mind? That I freakin’ love you people! That’s what’s up!
Know thyself. Own your decisions, your surroundings, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Be good and do things with integrity and not with a motive. Clinging to hate, bitterness, etc only keeps you from finding positive solutions. Be responsible. Walk in light, walk with peace.  ~Gina Lockhart
I don’t know why people are so effin’ negative. Without asking, without trying, without hope…what good would the world be? It’s one thing to play “devil’s advocate” (logic) but when you piss all over people’s ideas, efforts and asking – that’s just straight up negative. Negative people are like plague. Avoid at all cost.
Don’t get discouraged. Keep going.
Having a positive attitude doesn’t come from a secret, a book, a religion, or a big mouthed money making new age speaker. Attitude is within YOU – your heart, mind and soul = your being. It’s you connecting within you and choosing to think and feel in a positive direction for personal happiness. Screw all the money makers – happiness and a positive attitude is FREE – not a secret. Have a great day!
Feelin’ sassy, frisky, spunky and silly today. Bursting with great ideas and good things are happenin’.
Today – make the most of every move you do. Down? Think on good things. Jealous? Why? Be you and only you. Angry? Resolve it peacefully. Prideful? “Pride goes before a fall.” Insecure? Look within and love. Happy? Outstanding! Now move away from negative/bad influences and press on with your future. Get with those who are like you and your beliefs. Two magnets back to back do nothing. Have a great day!
Never clip your own wings! Never settle for less!
“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde
Do one thing today towards your goals/dreams that is outside of your comfort zone. Write. Call someone. Apply for a new job. Plan a trip to where you want to live. Meet with someone new. Buy a new notebook as a journal. It will make you smile and you’ll like the feeling. What are you waiting for? Go for it!
Today is a great day to be grateful. Why? Because you’re alive and no matter how you look at it, your live could be worse but it isn’t. Everything in your life is changeable. Are you miserable? Change it. In debt? Patience. Regrets? Forgive yourself and move on. Took a wrong turn in your career? Create a new path to achieve it!
Lead by example of what you say you are – be it a Christian, a filmmaker, a lover, a Buddhist, a happy person, an activist, etc. Lead by your words and your actions with integrity, honor, peace, love and earning the trust of others. Never use or take for granted those you love, work with, and run into or you will find yourself alone. Give. It will come back to you. ~~Gina
Passion, it lies in all of us. It speaks to us, guides us – passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. If we could live without passion maybe we`d know some kind of peace… but we would be hollow… Empty rooms shuttered and dank. Without passion we`d be truly dead. ~~Joss Whedon
Resilient. Persistent. Determined. Focused. Not-A-Quitter. Always finds a way. *cracks whip*
LET’S ROCK!!! Be humble. Be good. Be strong. Be funny. Be important – because you are. Cheers!

Producer’s Corner: Safety Tips for New Cast/Crew to Film


Hello everyone!

So you’re new to film and you don’t know where to go or what to do.  I’m here to make this as simple and safe for WASHINGTON STATE filmmakers but you can apply this to your own State and look for film groups there.  These are basic items to help protect you and get you off and running with your film career.

1.   The first thing you want to do is join all of the below groups (links) and network – get to know filmmakers all over the State.

2.   Sit back a few days to watch conversations and converse with people to know them.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the group and introduce yourself.

3.  If someone wants to hire you from one of the groups, craigslist, personal invite – do a background check on them.  By this, I mean take their name and do a search on them in Google (or other browser).  Same goes for a production company name because there are times when it really is “too good to be true.”  So how does the search look?  Here’s an example:  Philosophia Studios and David S. Hogan

The search will look like this for a studio:
Philosophia Studios | Facebook
 Philosophia Studios, Seattle, WA. 431 likes

Philosophia Studios | Wix.comginalockhart.wix.com/philosophiastudios
Philosophia Studios is a quality multi-media film production, photography and graphics design company.

The search will look like this for a person:
Lisa Skvarla – IMDb
 Lisa Skvarla is known for her work on Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me (2010), The Collectibles (2012) and When He Comes Back. … Lisa Skvarla on Twitter. Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me Reenactment.

There should be good/normal websites when looking up the company/person’s name.  If there is something bad/negative written, it will usually come up within the first two search pages.  You can also type in studio/person name and scam.  Like so: John Bungalow scam.  Immediately, there should be something that comes up indicating they are a scammer.

If you still feel odd about a person – you can also use Washington State Courts website to look up a name. Be advised that anyone with a speeding ticket or divorces are in there but it does list restraining orders, etc.

4.  BEFORE you ever sign a contract or work on a film, you should do a search.  This will save you time, nightmares and worry.

5.  When you join the below groups on Facebook, and after you get to know people enough, ask someone if they have heard of “Tinker Bajinker Productions.”  If they have not, contact the Seattle Office of Film & Music or Washington Filmworks (links below for contact info).

6.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! Even if there is no bad information on someone or the company, but your instincts are sending you vibes to back away – do it and now!  Don’t hesitate.

7.   There should never be any auditions at a home – especially if it’s a “private” audition.  For crew, same thing with interviews.  Always, always, always meet at  a public place.  Just because it’s film, doesn’t mean it’s exempt of having creepers as well.  The one thing to remember is that most people have day jobs and you should never feel like you’re being sexually harassed. The only way this can be done is with colleagues who know each other.  If you are a Producer/Director reading this – don’t do this, word gets around.  Trust me.

8.  Read the contracts.  As a new person in film, don’t buy into the work for free and you get an IMDB credit.  That happens only if they submit the film to a film festival and it gets accepted.  Make sure the contract says you get a copy of the film within one month of the final edit.  If they don’t provide a contract for this – do not work with them.  Integrity- either they have it or they don’t.

9.  Drugs and alcohol on set.  Do you think Boeing or Microsoft allows this?  If you see it – you might consider leaving the set immediately.  Safety violations, etc – you don’t want to be attached.

10.  Just remember, with any job you are hired with, you send in a resume and a reference check happens.  Film is (or should be) done the same way.  Being a contracted filmmaker does not make us exempt of City, State and Federal laws.

Have fun!  Work around on all sorts of film groups.


Gina Lockhart


Washinton Film Crew/Cast – Production Notice Only

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Seattle Area Filmmakers fan page:

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ask a Washington Filmmaker to get in it.

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