Gina Lockhart has lived and breathed the art of entertainment since her earliest years growing up in the Puget Sound of Washington. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Gina continues to thrive to support and empower other filmmakers in the entertainment industry for equality.

The first ‘old school’ movie to start her passion for film and production was the Greta Garbo classic, Camille (1936). Gina was enchanted by the way light, sets, and costumes were all used as elements to take the story to a higher level of emotional connection. This interest only grew stronger as she became exposed to the production environment of films, studying directing, producing, and editing all as tools to bring a story and characters to life.

Starting out, she mixed her love of photography and film production with a keen ear for music, to end up doing music documentary work and music video production for a Puget Sound based music video show that was on television. She helped organize the creation of a CD with Northwest Artists Against Domestic Violence on a CD project titled “The War in our Backyard”, the money from which went to those affected by domestic violence in the area.

During this work, she realized this passion would be her life, and enrolled in college for film studies and learned to produce, direct, edit, DP, and studio management with the belief that you should know all the positions of a crew to make it work. She has a passion for story concepts, writing, directing, editing and producing.

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Uncensored thoughts from an Indie Producer, Director, Writer & Woman. How to stay positive through tough times.