Removing ‘Try Hard’ From Your Vocabulary

It is a beautiful day to remove the term ‘try hard(er)’ to: just do.

Make sure that it’s for yourself and not for others. It is automatic that if it is for the positive, it will benefit everyone in your life. Seeing within yourself and changing for personal betterment is challenging and bosstastic.

When things become automatic, you no longer have doubts and fears because it’s for you. You are in control of lowering or raising the bar for the goals in life that you have wanted as long as they are realistic.

Keep thriving for your goals to be successful because there is going to be nasty, rotten people who are family, colleagues and friends who will discourage you, call you a dreamer, and say hateful things. Why? Because they fail at being more and need someone to be miserable with them. Don’t sit in the pool of misery shit. Rise above it.



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